Reasons to give you confidence that Behr Contracting Co., LLC is the ideal choice for your home improvement project:      

.   Craftsmanship: Owner and company founder, Nina Hokanson brings her unique artistic talent and creativity to every job and is a perfectionist with high standards.

·       Experience: With over 35 years of company experience in renovations and building, Nina continues to draw upon knowledge and skills gained from years of successful projects as inspiration for fresh design ideas.

·        Availability: Time is taken with each client throughout the job, to ensure their project is within their budget, preventing cost overruns.  Liberal allowances ensure the job is completed without further cost to the homeowner. Prices are based on market knowledge and diligent cost analysis. 

·      Flexibility: We are confident we can work within all budgets and are more than willing to work with homeowners to reach a final price that fits their budget. We believe pricing is a variable that can be overcome, and will take the time to revisit pricing with a customer, highlighting areas where savings are possible.  We are receptive to changes once the project has started, to ensure that all of our homeowners have a favorable outcome. 

·       Professionalism: "For every problem, there is a solution." Behr Contracting Co., LLC is committed to assisting clients with their residential construction problems, working towards satisfactory results.  

Nina Hokanson

Building Sub-code Official
Building RCS Inspector
Certified for Consumer Arbitration Program for Home Warranty disputes
New Jersey Real Estate Lic


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